Wonder Woman #1 Reviewed


This issue continues from where Wonder Woman Rebirth left of. Diana has transported herself to the Dkarango Region of Bwunda looking for someone she believes can help her put the pieces of her past back together. It is also established that her and Steve Trevor haven’t spoken in a long time.

Trevor appears to be working for a government agency lead by Commander Etta O. Candy. I got the impression that Commander Candy is leading Trevor and his men into an operation that coincidently relates to where Diana is located. Could it be that the government is behind Wonder Woman’s quest to piece together her past? Or is the government trying to block Diana from finding out the truth about her past?

For some reason, I was always under the impression that Diana was a warrior who prefered violence over negotiating, but in this issue she prefers not to use violance. In fact, she tries to avoid it by giving the person she is looking for three warnings. To me, this was an interesting take on the character because she knows when her strength needs to be used secondary to having a good strategy. Eventually, Diana finds the “friend” she was looking for and it’s not at all who I thought it would be. Turns out her “friend” is Cheetah, Diana’s arch foe. I’m not sure how Cheetah fits into all of this and why Diana refered to her as her friend, but I found it to be intriguing.

I really can’t say enough about Liam Sharp’s art, and the color palette used by Laura Martin. I get a very pulp/fantasy vibe from Sharp’s work that I think fits the story being told, and the muted colors used by Laura really adds to the fantasy and “the unknown” beats of the book. Laura is able to create a dark, mysterious mood without laying down a lot of black, instead the colors are altered from bright to dark to convey what the story calls for. Just beautiful art from both of them.

The story continues in Wonder Woman #3 and I can’t wait to see where things go from here. Like I said before, I never read a lot of Wonder Woman stories, but this current storyline is worth trying out. ROTTING BRAINS gives Wonder Woman #1…drum roll…3 1/2 rotten brains out of 5.



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