Wonder Woman #2 Reviewed


This issue does not directly tie into Wonder Woman Rebirth like issue #1 did, and does not tie into the storyline in issue #1 – It’s the start of a new storyline called Year One. Writer Greg Rucka is doing something that I’ve never seen done before, especially in a comic that’s been recently restarted. What he’s doing is unique in that the even-numbered issues of Wonder Woman are going to be about Diana’s past, and the odd-numbered issues will contain the current storyline of Diana trying to piece together her convoluted past. It’s a tall order for sure, but it might be just want the readers, like me who aren’t that familiar with the character, need.

In this issue it is established that Diana lives on Themyscira, a peaceful island that is inhabited by women solely. The women are immortal and appear to have enhanced abilities due to having the favor of their gods. However, if a woman is to leave the island she will forfeit her place in paradise and everything that comes with it. From what I could tell Diana never left the island, but so may have. It almost seemed as though Themyscira is an afterlife because of one of Diana’s friends telling her that in a previous life she was slain by a man whom she refused.

Interior Art Wonder Woman 2
Interior art of Wonder Woman #2

One of the main discrepancies of Diana’s past that was addressed in the Rebirth issue dealt with her “birth” – was she born naturally or formed from clay by her mother? Unfortunately, we don’t get an answer to that mystery in this issue. The entire issue isn’t just about Diana though. It’s also about Steve Trevor and his progression in the military and in life. The issue ends with the airplane carrying Trevor and his military team on Themyscira.

The art in this issue is mostly bright and clean thanks to the work of artist Nicola Scott and colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr. The majority of the story takes place on Themyscira so it makes sense that the colors are bright and vibrant. One of the things I noticed that makes Romulo’s coloring stand out from others is the way he shades characters and objects to give them more of a three-dimensional feel.  Prior to reading this issue I was not familiar with Nicola’s art. Shame on me because she is a talent – her art has a very super-well done animated movie stye to it that can’t go unnoticed.

Diana and her mother

This is the beginning of an origin story, and from what I could tell, there was not a lot here that was new. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of the story related to the questions raised in the Rebirth issue. Hopefully in the next issue (#4) we will get into some of the more meatier aspects of Diana’s origin that play into the current storyline.

ROTTING BRAINS gives Wonder Woman #2…drum roll…3 out of 5 rotten brains.



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