Superman Rebirth Reviewed


Superman Rebirth  was written by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason, penciled by Doug Mahnke, inked by Jaime Mendoza, and colored by Rob Quintana. This issue is the perfect homage to the 90s Death of Superman storyline, and the pre-flashpoint Superman. In my opinion, it brought you up to speed as to what had been going on with Superman in the New 52 Universe without being too preachy, subtlety laid the groundwork regarding what was to come in Action Comics, and tied up some loose ends.

The story picks up after the ashes of the New 52 Superman have been laid to rest underneath a giant S-shield monument. Above the monument is pre-Flashpoint Superman contemplating how to resurrect New 52 Superman. Below the monument is Lana Lang who is trying to break into the crypt to take Superman’s ashes to be buried next to Ma and Pa Kent.

For the first time, Lana and pre-Flashpoint Superman meet while at the monument. Pre-Flashpoint Superman is able to convince Lana that he’s the real deal by explaining to her how he came back from the dead after he was killed by Doomsday. Lana and pre-Flashpoint Superman end up going to New 52 Superman’s Fortress of Solitude to see if the same Kryptonian equipment that brought pre-Flashpoint Superman back to life is there. Unfortunately for Lana it’s not, and she ends up burying New 52 Superman’s ashes by Ma and Pa Kent as she promised. 


A big thumbs up to everyone involved in this issue because it felt like it contained what should be in a Rebirth issue – a sense of legacy. It also got me fired up to pick up Action Comics and Superman. It’s been many moons since I’ve been this excited about Superman.

ROTTING BRAINS gives Superman Rebirth…drum roll…4 out of 5 rotten brains.



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