Action Comics #959 Reviewed


First of all, the cover of this issue is stellar. Cover credit was given to Clay Mann & Sonia Oback with Dan Jurgens. It’s an amazing, amazing cover guys. Great work.

The last issue ended on a cliffhanger and it looked like Lex was going to get the beatdown of his life by Doomsday. Supes saves the day and continues his fight with Doomsday as Lex uses a mother-box in his suit to repair the damage done to it. While Big Blue and Ugly are going at it, Clark Kent falls and snaps his arm and cries out in pain…or so it appears.

Action 959 Clark Sanps Arm

Do I believe that Clark (whomever he is) really snap his arm? No. Have I become cynical after the whole 90s Reign of Supermen where I believed at least one of them was who they said they were? YES. Fool me once…shame on you. Fool me twice…shame on me.

Let’s take a closer look at this alleged arm snapping. In the picture above it’s his left arm that gets snapped. Clark thinks he broke it and continues to hold it…it being his left arm.

Action Comics 959 broken arm

BUT…shortly after getting rescued from the sewers by Lex, Clark presses his left arm/hand against Lex to drive his point home that he is only Clark Kent, not Superman. If his arm was all busted up I don’t think he would do such a thing. Lex even looks at him oddly, maybe it’s because of what Clark said, or it could be because Lex noticed something was not right. Ah, HA! No broken arm…or so I’m guessing.

Action COmics 959 no broken arm

The issue ends with a huge explosion where Superman and Doomsday were fighting because of a gas line getting ruptured. Doomsday emerges and locks on to Clark as his next victim. Last issue it was Lex in Doomsday’s crosshairs, this time it’s Clark.

DC’s Rebirth is really doing well because it looks like the characters are getting back to what made them special. The only thing now is – how will fans respond to the change in creative teams in order to keep up with the monthly shipping? This issue was drawn by Tyler Kirkham and colored by Arif Prianto two new individuals who had not worked on the previous two issues. There is a noticeable difference in the look of this book compared to the last.Tyler has a more anime look to his art than did Patrick Zircher. If there is a creative team shift, I’d like to see DC select teams that are similar.

ROTTING BRAINS gives Action Comics #959…drum roll…3 out of 5 rotten brains.



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