Superman #2 Reviewed



No, not that Superman #2…this Superman #2.



The Superman creative team has been firing on all cylinders. Just look at that cover. A triumphant Superman flying through the clouds. Wow. Just wow. I can’t put my finger on it, but this cover gives me a Superman: For All Seasons  kind of vibe. Cover credit goes to Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, and John Kalisz. Great job, guys!

Writers Peter J. Tomasic and and Patrick Gleason did an interesting thing in this issue. The majority of the story has a typical feel to it – Superman battling a “monster.” BUT Peter and Patrick write Superman’s son, Jon, into the battle. Big Blue and his son taking on a threat is something we’ve never seen before, ever, and it felt natural. Supes uses the situation as a moment to teach his son how to use his powers, even though doing so complicated matters. Superman could have easily taken out the threat, but instead goes through some pain in order to mold his son properly. It’s a real life father and son relationship – it’s touching and inspiring.

There is also another touching moment in the story when Clark rallies his son to take action, and Jon rips off a layer of clothing to reveal an S-shield shirt he picked up at a local thrift store. He so wants to be like his father. It’s a moving moment that continues to show us the type of relationship Clark and his son have.

Jon in S-shield shirt

In this issue we come to learn that Jon’s strength is not like his father’s, which is an intriguing concept to play with. I had a theory that his strength changes by the time of day it is because he ends up getting hurt when the sun is setting. For instance, if it’s noon and the sun is out Jon is stronger than at night when the sun is setting. That theory went out the window after I realized that Jon was using his powers earlier in the issue while in the Arctic, where the sun rarely shines. Who knows, maybe there is some kind of weird association with the sun. 

I don’t want to spoil this issue but someone from the 90s Reign of Supermen storyline appears in this issue and it was like seeing an old friend. Those involved in Superman both in this title and Action Comics are pulling on my 90s heartstrings by bringing back characters from Death of Superman and Reign of Supermen. Bravo…bravo.

There are some truly memorable moments in this issue delivered by the art. The art has a way of “speaking” to you, even if there aren’t any words on the page. A round of applause to Patrick Gleason (art), Mick Gray (inks), and John Kalisz (color). These guys are meshing amazingly on this book. At times, I get the feeling that I’m watching an updated Max Fleischer animated Superman movie by the shading used and color choices.

I could continue to gush all over this book like a little school girl but I’ll stop. With everything that happened in this issue, I thought it was a better than the last.  I’m hooked, on to issue #3.

ROTTING BRAINS gives Superman #2…drum roll…6 out of 5 (yes, you read that right) rotten brains.



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