Justice League Rebirth


I really, really like the Justice League. In fact, it was the first superhero team to get me into comics. There are some truly great stories out there that showcase the talent of the team members. There are also some not so good stories out there.

In my opinion, DC Comics should be throwing their top talents behind the league for three reasons 1) the league is the face of the company just as much as Batman or Superman 2) there is a movie on the way and fans are excited about the league and 3) a good Justice League story makes readers interested in the solo series of the heroes.

Bryan Hitch,the writer and artist of Justice League Rebirth, didn’t do anything in this issue to get me interested in the series, and that’s a shame. So much has been going on with the league since the Darkseid War storyline and the death of Superman that I felt like more of a story-bridge was needed regarding what happened prior to Rebirth. Instead, the storyline was very general and flat. Additionally, the interior art felt very plain.


I’m going to still give Justice League a try when it comes out because a different creative team will be on it. Unfortunately, this issue was a stumble out of the gate. Here’s hoping for better things from the Justice League series.

ROTTING BRAINS gives Justice League Rebirth…drum roll…2 1/2 rotten brains out of 5.



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