Superman #3 Reviewed


This issue wasn’t as layered in story as the last two, instead it was more about the Eradicator than anything else. My understanding of the Eradicator was limited so it was nice to get a refresher course regarding what the Eradicator is all about. As explained, the Eradicator (or as I like to call him Easy E) was part of a secret protocol created by General Zod. On Krypton there wasn’t just one Eradicator, there was an army of them. Their mission: arrest all Kryptonian lawbreakers on Zod’s list by sucking their life force from them and placing the life force in the Phantom Zone. The body of the captive would then be placed in a cryo-chamber where it would stay until it was time for the captive’s trial. Brutal.

When Krypton exploded, the mechanical bodies that housed the Eradicators melted away and the essence of the Eradicators were fused into one humanoid form (I think). The purpose of this fused humanoid of Eradicators, now called the Eradicator, is to propagate the Kryptonian species in its truest form. Determining that Jon is tainted because he is half human and half Krypton, it is the mission of the Eradicator to eradicate the half of Jon that is human in order to “cleanse” him.

Lois and Clark decide to bring their son, Jon, to the New 52 Superman’s Fortress of Solitude in hopes that there is Kryptonian equipment there that can help them evaluate Jon’s concussion. Upon entering the fortress, they discover that the Eradicator and Krypto are there. Not knowing the Eradicator’s true purpose, the Eradicator is trusted, to a degree, by Lois and Clark.

 Remember how I said that the Eradicator wanted to “cleanse” Jon? Turns out that can’t happen until the Eradicator ingests Jon by sucking him through his mouth. While trying to ingest Jon, the Eradicator accidently (or maybe purposely) ingests Krypto. Ew. Clark loses it and begins beating on Eradicator while Jon morns the loss of Krypto. I don’t know if Jon knew Krypto but if he did this is the second animal close to Jon that he lost. The final page of the issue is Jon pissed off to high heaven looking like he is ready to put the beat down on the Eradicator.

superman 3 interior art

In some ways, this issue had kind of a horror vibe to it. Maybe it was all that talk of sucking out life forces, and the Eradicator eating a friendly dog that gave it that vibe. Maybe…um…most likely, yeah that had a lot to do with it.

Peter J. Tomasic and Patrick Gleason were credited for the story. Jorge Jimenez was credited for art, and Alejandro Sanchez for color. Although a different artist and colorist were on this issue than the past two, their style matched close to the original art team, which was great. I’ve found the change in art teams (to keep up with the double shipping) in other DC titles not to be as close as the original team, which can be distracting.

A good issue that keeps the story going.

ROTTING BRAINS gives Superman #3…drum roll…3 out of 3 rotten brains.



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