F*** Marvel Comment Creates a Divide That’s Not Needed

Suicide Squad (2016)

Suicide Squad movie director David Ayers showed just how out of touch he is with the comic book community when he said, “F@&# MARVEL” at the world premiere of his movie. Ayers quickly apologized via Twitter after making the statement after comic book fans replied negatively, but what was said, was said. You don’t have to be Mr. Fantastic to realize that Warner Bros. isn’t happy with how their comic book movie properties are doing. On top of that, WB now has to worry about one of their loud mouth directors sounding like an envious juvenile.

What Mr. Ayers doesn’t understand is that taking a shot at Marvel is, in a way, like taking a shot at comic book fandom. Comic book lovers have come a long way from being synonymous with pimply, geeky, nerds that live in basements. It wasn’t that long ago that this was Captain America on the big screen.


Over the years, comic book fandom has risen in popularity and become cool due in part to the movies that Marvel has put out since Iron Man (2008). I’m not taking anything away from WB, but Marvel has been more successful at unifying the comic book, and non-comic book, masses.

Getting back to Mr. Ayers’ comment, it was divisive and tried to encourage a DC vs Marvel attitude – an attitude that has been declining. I’m sure that there are still Marvel Zombies and DC Drones out there, but the comic book market has become so diverse that if you restrict yourself to only one of those two properties you are limiting yourself from some other really good comics.

Marvel Zombies
Marvel Zombies Written by Robert Kirkman

For example, if you like DC’s Batman you would probably like Marvel’s Daredevil, and even Frank Miller’s Sin City (a comic published by neither DC nor Marvel). Interestingly, Frank Miller wrote stories for all three of those separate properties.

As a comic book fan, I don’t care if a Marvel movie or a DC movie makes more money than the other – I just want to watch a good comic book movie. I want the comic book medium to flourish, and good comic book movies help it to do just that. What I don’t want is for actors, directors, writers, etc. to push the mentality that fans have to choose one company over the other – that’s crazy talk and it hurts general comic book fandom.



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