Superman #4

Superman #4 2016 Cover

The Superman creative team is doing something that I didn’t think could be possible – making Superman relatable, and entertaining. If you had told me that Superman was going to be at the top of my read pile three months ago, I would have laughed in your face devilishly (as I twirled my villainous mustache).

I got to give a standing ovation to Peter J. Tomasic (writer), Patrick Gleason (writer/artist), Mick Gray (inker), and John Kalisz (colorist) for putting together another solid issue. Tomasic and Gleason are doing a good job of balancing a story that has emotional beats, as well as, entertaining action. Gleason, Gray, and Kalisz are doing their part by delivering art that pops off the page. The story and art have enough power to deliver a one-two punch that makes you wanting more by the end of each issue.

In this issue, Big Blue is still in combat with the Eradicator (who still thinks Hulk Hogan shades are still cool to wear). Realizing that dad needs a helping hand, Jon suits up to deliver a punch with his old man that causes Eradicator to unravel, for a moment.

Superman and Jon punching Eradicator


The above panel is what I was talking about when I said the story and art is delivering a one-two punch (no pun intended, of course). In all seriousness, a perfect example of the art making you feel the story.

Unfortunately for our heroes, the punch from Supes and Jon releases the Kyrptonian souls that were trapped inside their foe. The hundreds of displaced souls immediately seek their homeland which results in them (and the Super Family) ending up in Ace o’ Clubs, the bar run by Sooperman’s unwavering admirer Bibbo Bibowski. That’s right folks, old Bibbo is back, and he’s never looked better. 

Why did everyone end up in Bibbo’s bar? Simple, Bibbo won a “moon rock” (actually a piece of Kryptonite) from a patron after beating that patron in an arm wrestling match, and the Kryptonians seeked it out to reconnect with their homeland. Couincidence? No, just good old fashion storytelling that’s fun to read.

The Eradicator ends up reforming his body, but with the help of the Kryptonian souls (that Sups is able to communicate with) the Eradicator is put out of commission, for a moment, ending the issue on a cliffhanger.

Rotting Brains gives Superman #4…drum roll…4 out of 5 rotten brains!



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