Action Comics 960 Review

Action Comics 960 Cover
Action Comics 960 Cover – Supes is Pissed


 “I Believe in Dan Jurgens, but we need some answers” 

The cracks are starting to show and I’m beginning to wonder how much story there is to be told regarding the return of Doomsday. I say that because the majority of this issue didn’t interject anything new into the overall storyline. It was nice to see Wonder Woman giving Supes a hand and the threat of Doomsday reaching Lois and Jon, but the issue had the same story beats as the previous three issues.

The ratings I gave the previous issues (#957, #958, and #959) were all positive. This being the fourth issue in the story, I wanted to see some kind of progression regarding the questions that were raised back in issue #957. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and we are left with a lot more questions than answers. We still don’t know who the green-cloaked guy is; what the deal is with the dude claiming to be Clark Kent; Lex is still pretending to be Super-Lex; and Superman and Doomsday are still throwing punches at each other – over 3,000 punches to be exact (read the story and you’ll see what I mean).

Issue Summary

All you really need to know about this issue is that Diana saves Clark Kent from getting pulverized by Doomsday; Jon ends up making too much “super” noise while watching his dad fight Doomsday on TV which results in Doomsday tracking down Jon and Lois; and the issue ends with Wonder Woman and Superman fighting Doomsday. Like I said, not a lot of meat in this issue.

I’m still not entirely sold on Tyler Kirkham’s art – it’s scratchy and has an anime look to it. Not that it’s bad art, but to me, the art is too much of a deviation from Patrick Zircher. Maybe I’m too old school, but I like my books to maintain a certain look to them. For example, I don’t want my issue of Spawn to look like it was drawn by someone from Pixar.

Wonder Woman Saves Clark Kent from Doomsday
Tyler Kirkham’s Interior Art in Action 960

Writer Dan Jurgens and company better give us some answers in the next issue, or else, or, else, nothing I guess. Even though this wasn’t my favorite issue, I’ll keep buying to see how everything plays out – I believe in Dan Jurgens.

ROTTING BRAINS gives Action Comics #960…drum roll…2 ½ out of 5 rotten brains.



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