Action Comics 961 Review

Action Comics 961 Cover

Path of Doom, Part Five

I never thought Action Comics was ever going to be on my pull list again, but then DC Comics threw me a curve ball and put writer Dan Jurgens on the title. I couldn’t have been happier because this was the same writer that got me into Superman during the ‘90s. Dan’s story has been good so far even though the last issue was a bit of a hiccup (you can read why here). This issue got things back on track and added a bit more heart (something that had been missing in recent issues).

Interestingly, Action Comics 961 was drawn by Stephen Segovia, the third artist assigned to the series. I thought Stephen’s art was a lot closer to Patrick Zircher’ art style, which is a good thing because it gives the book a bit more consistency. Colorist Arif Prianto does a commendable job of keeping the color scheme that was established back in Action Comics 957. 

Issue Summary

Superman and Wonder Woman have a tough time of keeping Doomsday in check with Lois and Jon nearby. Doomsday was a total beast (no pun intended) in this issue as he warded off two of the most power heroes in the DC Universe. We get a touching moment between Superman and his family about how much he loves them before facing off against Doomsday alone – that’s what I love about Superman – the dude is willing to go against the monster that killed him in order to keep his family and humanity safe. In order to ensure the safty of Lois and Jon, Wonder Woman transported them to the Justice League satillite.

Action 961 Superman and Lois Kissing

Remember in my last article when I said the series needed to bring something new because things were starting to get a bit stale? Well, Dan did just that. It turns out the green cloaked guy has some kind of devise that, I think, has the capabilities to capture Doomsday. It will be interesting to see if Doomsday actually gets captured and for what purposes he is being capture.

ROTTING BRAINS gives Action Comics 961…3 1/2 out of 5 rotten brains.



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