Wonder Woman 3 Reviewed

Wonder Woman 3 Cover

The Lies: Part Two

Is it just me, or does Wonder Woman writer Greg Ruka look a hell of a lot like Wonder Woman artist Liam Sharp?

I tweed this discovery at both creators and Liam commented that he was actually mistaken for Greg once. So, I guess it’s not just me that sees the resemblance.

Liam Sharp Tweet.png

Not only are Greg and Liam in-sync physically, but it seems like they are jiving mentally too. You can tell from the detail that’s put into each page Liam’s art that he is loving what Greg is asking of him. Liam’s art continues to be spellbinding and not lacking in quality from issue to issue.

It would be foolish of me not to mention hard work of colorist Laura Martin. It seems as though Liam leaves just enough negative space for Laura to do her thing, and she does it beautifully. Just look at the colors she mixes together to give Cheetah a layered fur look.If it was me coloring Cheetah, she’d be just one big orange blob.

Cheetah's Face Wonder Woman

Issue Summary

In this issue Diana was able to turn Cheetah from her ways to assist Diana in finding her way to Themyscira. What was interesting is that Diana did it through an act of love, instead of through violence. Deep down Diana knew that her friend, Barbara Ann, was still there somewhere underneath the curse that turned her into the Cheetah. It was moving to see Diana, unable to give up on a lost friend, try everything she could to draw her friend out of her cursed life. Meanwhile, Steve Trever and his crew go off-mission to try and track down some women who were kidnapped from a village by Colonel Cadulo (a Marlon Brando, ‘Apocalypse Now’ type of character). Steve and his men end up getting captured by Cadulo who is working for Urzkartaga, a blood-thirsty plant-god that (I think) caused Barbara to become Cheetah. Diana agrees to help Barbara kill Urzkartaga to release Barbara of her curse in return for Barbara to help Diana get back to Themyscira. Needless to say, Diana and Steve are about to cross paths.


Speaking from personal experience, I was in a dark place once or twice in my life and it was good to have a close friend who pulled me out of those times. This issue remind me of those times and how a loving touch is more powerful than a violent act. ROTTING BRAINS give Wonder Woman 3…drum roll…4 1/2 rotten brains out of 5.



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