Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 2 Review

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 2 Cover

Sinestro’s Law: Part 2

Before I get into this review, I have to give mad props to Letterer Dave Sharpe. He is absolutely slaying the lettering work. I noticed his contribution in the last issue, but failed to give him a shout out. Slow down as you read this issue and take notice of the emotional beats that are delivered with the assistance of Dave’s work. For instance, in the panel below you can hear Hal yelling authoritatively, and feel the impact of the truck based on how Dave manipulates the fonts he chooses. Dave is really giving his all to an aspect of comic book creating that often times gets overlooked. Don’t worry, Dave – I see what you’re doing and it looks great.

Rafa Sandoval Green Lantern.png

Issue Summary

In this issue it is explained that there are 399 out of 7,200 members of the Green Lantern Corps. still alive. As of right now, John Stewart (the leader of the Corps.) has the members maintaining a holding pattern because they are still licking their wounds from the whatever it was that made them disappear. Stewart sends Guy Gardner to go out and do some recon in order to determine what their next step should be.

In the middle of the issue Sinestro tell his daughter that he used her in order to establish the Yellow Lantern Corps. as the guardians of the galaxies (I couldn’t resist) in the absence of the Green Lantern Corps. As you might imagine, this pisses the daughter off so much that she takes a swing at her old man.

Meanwhile, Hal is duking it out with the two Yellow Lanterns from the previous issue. Turns out, they can’t handle Hal alone so they make Sinestro aware that Hal is still alive so that Sinestro will dispatch reinforcements. By the end of the issue, Hal is ready to go against a whole army of Yellow Lanterns.

Yellow Lanterns and Hal

Final Thoughts

Writer Robert Venditti gives us yet another action-packed, fast-paced issue that hits some emotional beats before fists start flying. Artist Rafa Sandoval is continuing to render the hell out of this book making it look disgusting and beautiful all at the same time, and colorist Tomeu Morey is throwing down colors that just pop off the page. Another great effort by the creative team.

ROTTING BRAINS gives Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps (could they have come up with a longer title) 2…drum roll…4 1/2 out of 5 rotten brains.



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