Action Comics 962 Cover

Path of Doom: Conclusion

To say that I was excited for this story after reading Action Comics 957 would be an understatement. There were so many story hooks in that issue that I couldn’t wait to pick up Action Comics 958, which was another solid issue. Both those issues got you wondering about plot points like: Who is Clark Kent? Who released Doomsday? What is Oz up to? Who’s side is Super-Lex really on? Can Superman throw down with Doomsday and survive?

Throughout the six-part ‘Path of Doom’ storyline some of these questions got answered, but overall, I didn’t feel like a payoff occurred. Even though I feel like that, it’s not like this was a bad Doomsday story. Maybe a bit too long, but it’s got to be tough to write a Doomsday story.

Doomsday Superman Lois Wonder Woman and Jon

Issue Summary

In this issue, Doomsday is able to decimate Oz’s cronies and the device they were using to try and trap Doomsday (aka Ugly, aka Old-Mullet-Guy). This means that it is up to the Boy Scout to stop Rocky-Face. Supes throws everything he has at The-Boulder-That-Wears-Biking-Shorts, but nothing is stopping him. Lois and Jon are still safe in the Justice League satellite with Wonder Woman as they watch Supes getting the crap kicked out of him.

Diana decides to give Clark a hand because it looks like the guy who got bested by Muhammad Ali is about to fall to Doomsday. Luckily, Superman is able to lure Doomsday to his version of the Fortress of Solitude (remember this isn’t the New 52 Superman, so it isn’t the fort in the Arctic). While in the fort, Superman blasts Doomsday with a Phantom Zone ray-gun  which we think sends Doomy to the Phantom Zone, but nope, unbeknownst to Superman and Wonder Woman, Oz is able to trap Doomsday before going to the Phantom Zone.

The Rotten Rating

‘Path of Doom’ started out strong like Usain Bolt…

but then the story slowed down to a bit of a grind like Bolt in the club celebrating his 30th…

and then it ended like Usain giving you a passionate, but somewhat sloppy kiss.

Usain Bolt Make Out

ROTTEN BRAINS gives Action Comics 962…drum roll…3 out of 5 rotten brains.




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